Notice Board

  • 2016 Korea Open was held in the Seoul Olympic Park Tennis Courts from May 31st to June 4th. Park Ju-youn, partnered with Diede de Groot, won in the women's doubles final. She also reached the semi-final in the singles event. Korean players will further participate in Daegu Open (June 7th ~ 11th) and Busan Open (June 13th ~ 16th).
  • On May 30th, the Asia Para Tenpin Bowling Federation (APTBF) unanimously re-elected Mr. Oh Cheol-seung as the second president of the organization. Further, General Osoth Bhavilai (Thailand) was designated as the vice-president. Other board members, including the vice-president, secretary general, and chairperson of the Special Committee, will be appointed by the president and the related report will be provided in the next General Assembly. The election was held in Manila, Philippines with 7 participating nations, including South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.
  • The Olympic and Paralympic mascots, “Bandabi” and “Soohorang,” were finally launched. The Paralympic mascot “Bandabi,” is a combination of "Banda," meaning Asiatic black bear, and "bi," meaning commemoration of the Games. The Asiatic black bear is indigenous to Gangwon Province, Korea, where PyeongChang City is located. “Bandabi” also represents strong will and endurance. Newly appointed president Lee Hee-beom stated, “The mascots have been designed to illustrate the collective will of the whole nation for the successful host of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2018 and opinion of experts in various fields." He further emphasized that "The mascots will now lead promotion and marketing initiatives. With this breakthrough, the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG) will be endeavoring for more public support and engagement for the Games.” Further, the launch of these mascots was even more significant because it kept continuity from the mascots of the Seoul Olympic and Paralympic Summer Games in 1988, "Hodori" and "Gomdoori," respectively.