Notice Board

  • Pagoda Education’s CEO Park, Kyung-sill has employed a retired para athlete, Kim, Jin-hee. Kim has been a talented athlete who has earned a gold medal and a silver medal in the 2013 Deaflympics. After retirement, she has been preparing for her future by being part of the Para Athletes Employment Assistance program while studying adaptive sports and Taekwondo at universities. CEO Park, who has actively encouraged this employment has stated : “We hope that she can serve as the role model for other para athletes who have retired, and we will continue to employ retired para athletes who are competent.”
  • On December 27th 2018, KPC held its very first completion ceremony for the Para Athletes Employment Assistance program at its Athlete Assistance Center (located in Seoul). This program started in November and continued for two months with two different tracks : athlete specialist track and sports administration track. In today’s ceremony 40 students earned their certificate. They also had their own awards ceremony where 20 students were awarded with different awards such as “the best student award”, “exemplary student award” and etc.. Cho, Kyung-hee, student who have earned “the best student award”, said : “I hope that this Para Athletes Employment Assistance program can shine light upon para athletes’ future and I will also try my best and act with dignity anywhere I go as the first graduating class.”
  • KPC’s first president Jang, Hyang-sook who has dedicated her life for persons with impairment and para sports has been nominated as the candidate for the APC Vice-President position. Jang is the founding member of the Korean Paralympic Committee. She is known to be the person who has significantly improved the rights of persons with impairment and is the first person with impairment who has passed “Disability Discrimination Act” in Korea. Recently, Jang served as the Chef the Mission for the very first Unified Korea delegation (COR) at the Indonesia 2018 Asian Para Games and has continuously showed her support towards KPC and para athletes even after her presidency. Now, she is moving forward and is running for APC Vice-President position to serve the greater Asian para sports community under her slogan of “better life, better world”. The election will take place in Dubai, UAE on 6th of February.