Notice Board

  • Several winter sports para-athletes are involved in summer sports as well. These athletes amazed many spectators by not only participating in the 36th National Para Games, but also winning several medals. Cross Country Skier, Sin Eui-hyun and Seo Vo-ra-mi participated in Cycling and each won 2 gold and 1 gold respectively. Apart from Sin and Seo, Lee Jeong-min, also a Cross Country skier, competed in Rowing and won 2 gold. Further, Ice Sledge Hockey players, Jung Seung-hwan, Kim Young-sung, and Han Min-su won Silver in Rowing as well. Supporting these amazing talents is crucial to ensure a bright future for para-sports!
  • Park Chul, who made his Paralympic debut at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, was awarded with MVP in the 36th National Para Games. Park set the unofficial world record in 3 events, P1 - Men's Team Air Pistol, P3 - Mixed Team 25m Pistol, and P4 - Mixed Individual 50m Pistol. Lim Jun-beom was honored as the Best New Athlete, breaking the national record and winning 3 gold medals. The Best Coach Award was given to Gwon Jeong-ho(Cycling) and Choi Bok-rye(Wheelchair Dance Sport), respectively.
  • The 36th National Para Games concluded on October 25th. Total of 7,938 delegation from 17 cities and provinces participated in the Games. Gyeonggi Province again secured its national title, after earning 191,009 points, followed by Seoul and Chung-nam Province.