• Established based on National Sports Promotion Act, Article 34
  • To revitalize sports for all to ensure the health of people with impairments and promote their leisure activities
  • To achieve national prestige by supporting member sports federations and organizations for people with impairments and by developing elite athletes and coaches
  • To contribute to the international relations through sports exchanges


  • To give instructions and support business activities of the Paralympic sports associations
  • To host the Paralympic sports events and improve international relations
  • To promote elite sports for people with impairments by developing Paralympic athletes and to improve their competitive edge
  • To encourage and spread sports for people with impairments


  • 29 July, 2005 Promulgations of Amended National Sports Promotion Act
  • 08 November, 2005 “Promoters’ General Meeting” for the foundation of Korea Sports Association for the Disabled
  • 25 November, 2005 Establishment of Korea Sports Association for the Disabled
  • 12 May, 2006 Establishment of Korean Paralympic Committee
  • 19 January, 2007 Move to the new office (1F, Velodrome, Olympic Park)


  • To establish the firm foundation for sports promotions
  • To increase the participation of people with impairments in sports activities
  • To enhance the national prestige in international sports and empower diplomatic skills