Core Activities


New power of sports, professional sports for athletes with impairments

“If professional sports for athletes with impairments improve, it is possible to not only improve the health of athletes, but also to unite our society and increase the power of our nation. By improving the quality of health nationally through sports, the social integration and increase of national competitiveness can be realized and enhanced.”

Supporting National Paralympic Team

  • To develop sports competitiveness through systematic and professional training programs
  • To provide sports opportunities for national paralympic athletes by supporting them to participate in international sports events
  • Regular training of national teams in every sport

Promoting National Para Games

  • To support and promote regional sports associations in order to ensure well-balanced development among cities and provinces
  • To provide sports opportunities for more people with impairments especially for those who live in rural areas
  • To attract public interests towards Paralympic Games and to advocate for the rights of people with impairments
  • To encourage paralympic athletes to achieve sports excellency
  • To promote National Winter/Summer Para Games
  • To attract public attention towards summer and winter Paralympic sports

Objective of National Para Games

  • To improve sports competitiveness through regular participations
  • To discover rookies through the Games and to improve their adaptations in society
  • To foster social harmony by hosting National Para Games in different cities every year

Training Staff

  • To provide the best conditions for paralympic athletes by training experts such as classifiers, referees, and technical delegates.

Supporting International Sports Exchange

  • To participate in international competitions
  • To support hosting international competitions for peopel with impairments

Supporting Sports Organizations

  • To support administrative assistants in secretariats
  • To support domestic sports events
  • To foster specialized talent for athletes with impairments

Promoting Members of Affiliated Federations

  • To provide financial support for member federations in order to encourage the promotion and development of paralympic athletes

Supporting to foster substitutes for National Team Athletes

  • To assist substitutes for national team athletes
  • To develop and support not only the athletes of the national team but also the substitutes and rookies

Welfare of Athletes with impairments

  • To provide fund for study on sports performance improvement
  • To provide opportunities for sports scholarships